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3-skills-you-must-have-to-sustain-results “The 3 Skills You Must Have To Sustain Results As A Leader”

Let’s face it. Leadership is hard. Being a great leader is even harder. This free download offers:

  • 3 fundamental leadership skills necessary for producing great results throughout your career
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Coaching Leaders & Teams Toward Excellence

Karen KaneAs an experienced professional, you know that leadership is not just a role – it’s a way of being. How you show up is what makes you a leader, not the title on your business card. You also know that in order to solve your biggest challenges and produce great results, you need excellent leadership not only from yourself, but from every member of your team.

Still Point Leadership, Inc. helps you develop your capacity to lead your team toward excellence. I help established leaders and their teams develop and refine three fundamental skills for achieving their best results:

  • Taking Clear Stands: To be an excellent leader you have to know and advocate for what’s important to you. In the midst of competing priorities, you must articulate clearly what you stand for, and have the courage to speak what’s true even if it’s difficult. When every member of your team has this capacity, collectively you are able to cut through time-wasting clutter, focus on the real issues, and move work forward in a way that builds commitment.
  • Staying Connected: For teams to achieve their best every member – and especially the leader – has to build connections with others, even when they disagree. You need to operate with empathy and be able to tolerate the discomfort of strong emotion, skillfully communicating to build common agreement. When team members can disagree openly and still care about the perspectives and priorities of others, you not only create a more cohesive team, you get higher quality decisions and products.
  • Managing Reactivity: The best leaders have the capacity to manage their reactivity, even in high-intensity situations, and engage from a place of centered confidence. This centered, non-reactive presence helps you access the still point beneath the day-to-day demands of your role, finding there the conviction you need to take skillful action that engages and motivates others. When your team members also manage their reactivity skillfully and operate from a place of presence and confidence, they are able to stay focused on the real work and tell the truth without blame, uncovering problems quickly and resolving them effectively.

The skills of taking clear stands, staying connected, and managing your reactivity are the foundation of excellent performance and great results. Still Point Leadership offers a variety of solutions to help you and your team master these skills and resolves the challenges that are getting in your way.

Want more information about these three skills and what you can do to cultivate them? Take advantage of my free gift to you, “The 3 Skills You Must Have To Sustain Results As A Leader.”