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Pile of pebble stoneDeveloping a Centered Leadership Presence

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of leadership? Do you struggle to put what you know about effective leadership and skillful communication into action, especially in high-intensity situations? We all have physical and mental patterns of constriction that kick in when we’re stressed or under pressure, and when we’re stuck in those patterns there is often a gap between what we know and what we’re actually able to do.

This free audio download offers a simple practice that will help you begin to bridge that gap and develop a centered leadership presence that is the foundation of skillful action. In the 10-minute, 3.5 MB recording, you will:

  • explore how you constrict under pressure
  • learn a simple centering practice that helps you relax that constriction and respond to pressure more skillfully
  • get ideas for practice so that over time you can begin to truly embody a centered leadership presence

If you’re interested in additional ways that I can help you develop a leadership presence that supports you in achieving your goals, I invite you to learn more about my Centered Excellence Leadership Coaching Program and my Leadership Embodiment workshop.