The 3 Skills you Must Have to Sustain Results as a LeaderMost of the leaders I work with have the smarts and technical know-how they need to produce great results. So why do these same leaders sometimes struggle to get the best from their teams, or find that what they know doesn’t seem to work when they step into a bigger, more challenging leadership role?

Often, these leaders haven’t fully developed their ability to do the three critical things that every leader must do in order to sustain excellent results throughout their career:

  • take clear stands (without sugarcoating or steamrolling others)
  • stay connected (without getting defensive or taking things personally)
  • manage their reactivity and act with centered confidence (even when the pressure is high)

Sounds simple…and it is. But it’s not easy. Your mind might readily understand what each means, but when it comes to real action in high-intensity situations, you find yourself behaving at less than your best.

What’s more, it’s not enough to be great at one of these skills, or even two. Most leaders are naturally good at one, or even two, of them. But to thrive in this competitive environment, that’s not enough. You simply must master all three of these skills to build great teams and produce the results that your clients and customers need. And to do that, you must know where your strengths are, and what skills you are missing.

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