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Fun and Inspiration for the New Year

Fun and Inspiration for the New Year

In honor of the New Year, this post offers some fun and inspiring examples of teamwork, and ideas that can inform your thinking about teams and how to build environments where they can flourish. So go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and then enjoy a few minutes of rest from the daily details. Remind yourself of the big picture, of what you’re aiming to help your team achieve.


riverdance video




This example of Irish step dancing is an amazing feat of team coordination. I can’t help but think of the amount of practice that went into the final product. With dance and sports and other artistic and athletic endeavors, we don’t question that practice is key to mastery. Why not with teams in organizations? How can we structure opportunities for them to practice the skills that lead to impeccable coordination?

Columbus High School Cheerleading

columbus hs cheer




While I can’t say I like all the music (which says more about my age than about anything else), I feel buoyant when I watch these young women perform their routine. Their coordination is also impeccable, but what I notice most is the heart and enthusiasm they bring to their work, and the obvious truth that every person’s role is equally necessary to success. What would it take to build an organizational team with those qualities? What would it be like to work in one?

 10 Ted Talks Every Team Should Watch

This compilation of TED Talks was curated by, and offers several interesting explorations that can inform your thinking about teams. I particularly like Susan Cain’s talk on the power of introverts (being one myself), as well as Steven Johnson’s talk on where good ideas come from.

(Note: The descriptions of the talks in this compilation can be somewhat misleading. While the descriptions promise applications of the topic to organizations and teams, some of these speakers don’t explicitly make those connections but rather leave you to ponder them on your own.)

What about you? What examples of inspiring teamwork keep you going? What images or ideas feed your creativity or your thinking about great teams? I’d love to hear your comments!


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