What my clients get

When I work with you, I always focus our first interactions on helping you get very clear about the results that you want to achieve. Together, we investigate these areas:

goalsWhat are the business results that you want to produce? For example, are you responsible for increasing sales, or designing a certain product by a specific date? Or perhaps your team has been missing specific performance measures. Whatever your particular business goals are, I help you define them as clearly and specifically as possible.

male leader with team

What are the different behaviors you need from your team in order to achieve these business results? As a leader, your goals are probably dependent on the performance of your team. And if you’re facing challenges producing the results you want, then probably something about the way your team operates will need to shift. Perhaps they need to stop avoiding conflict and instead have honest conversations about differences of opinion. Or maybe they need to share information more openly with each other. Even if our work together doesn’t include your team, you need to be clear about your expectations.

leadership chessWhat do you, as a leader, need to do differently? In other words, what’s your particular challenge? What behavior do you need to change in order to evoke new behavior in your team and achieve the business results you’ve identified? Some leaders I’ve worked with have had trouble being clear about their expectations of their teams, and so, not surprisingly, their teams weren’t meeting those expectations. Others have had challenges in hearing difficult feedback or information without expressing anger, and so their teams stopped speaking up about issues that were undermining performance.

What results have my clients achieved?

My clients have produced numerous concrete results with the help of my services. These include:

  • development of specific leadership skills such as:
    •  defining a compelling direction
    • acting with confidence and purpose
    • engaging effectively in conflict
    • building strong and accountable teams.
  • noticeable improvement in team communication, allowing much greater effectiveness in getting the work done.
  • shifts within teams and organizations toward greater trust and openness.
  • improved organizational processes (in the areas of decision making, communication, role clarity, etc.), resulting in greater clarity and accountability.
  • increased time and energy spent on the most important business, less on “administrivia” or putting out fires.
  • a shift from missing performance measures for several quarters in a row to hitting those same performance measures quarter after quarter
  • significant annual cost savings due to increased efficiencies and job re-prioritization.

Now that you know some of the results that I help them produce, learn what my clients have to say about working with me.