Solutions for Leaders and Teams

Still Point Leadership offers a range of coaching programs to help you and your team get unstuck and produce great results. Depending on whether your situation calls for 1:1 leadership coaching, team coaching, training, or some combination of each, I can provide the solution to your challenge.

Centered Excellence Leadership Coaching Program

All leaders sometimes hit snags as they develop in their careers and capacity. Like many leaders in the middle of their careers, you may be discovering that you’re facing bigger challenges than you ever have before, and finding that you’re not producing the results that you want to be producing, especially with your team. The Centered Excellence Leadership Coaching Program is a comprehensive, customized coaching program designed to boost your performance so that you DO begin to produce the results you want.

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Jumpstarting Team Performance Program

Live Action Team CoachingDo you have highly competent people on your team, but somehow they’re not working together seamlessly? Are you frustrated by the ongoing people challenges that keep you and your team from producing great results?

Even teams made up of skilled and committed individuals sometimes fall into ineffective patterns that get in the way of getting the work done. And, the longer these patterns stay in place, the more difficult it can be to shift the way you operate together. The Jumpstarting Team Performance Program is designed to provide exactly the support you and your team need to interrupt bad habits and get yourselves back on track. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it does produce results.

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Custom Coaching Programs

Are you interested in the results I help clients produce, but don’t see yourself in the coaching programs described here? Please contact me at 206-783-0515 to talk about how I might be able to customize a coaching program for your specific situation.

Workshops and Training

Leadership Embodiment: A Practice for Clarity, Connection, and Presence

Based on the work of Wendy Palmer, this two-day workshop gives you the opportunity to deepen your self-awareness about your own ineffective patterns, and offers a series of exercises that help you explore how those patterns show up in your leadership and how to shift out of them – even when you’re under pressure – so that you can take more skillful action.

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